32 days in Japan

32 DAYS IN JAPAN I visited Japan in 2014, fell in love with the country and went back a year and a half later (in March 2016) – this time, for a full month. I spent three weeks travelling Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, and Hiroshima with my partner and the remaining time, solo in Tokyo where I […]


Photo: City Circus Athens, 2016. ACCOMMODATION Below are my favourite sites for booking accommodation. 1. booking.com Booking.com is hands-down the best accommodation booking site (IMO)! I booked via their platform so many times during my year in South Korea that I’ve become a ‘Genius’ member and now get 10% off a range of their properties. […]


Photo: Flight from Tokyo to Sapporo (Japan) FLIGHTS Below are my favourite sites for flights along with some practical tips on how to search for the best deal. This page will be updated as I find better resources. 1. Skyscanner Skyscanner is often my first stop when looking for flights. The website is easy to […]

8 days in Hong Kong

8 days in Hong Kong This was my third visit to Hong Kong! The more I visit Hong Kong, the more I like it. Who I travelled with I was travelling with my partner Luke. He’s a foodie and did a ton of research on places to eat in Hong Kong before we left Sydney […]

Boseong Green Tea Fields

Boseong Green Tea Fields AUGUST 2015   Music from Audioblocks available under a Royalty Free License Agreement.   We met the cutest Korean couple on this trip! If you’re up for a trek, consider the green tea fields at Daehan Dawon Tea Plantation in Boseong. Who I travelled with. My friends from Goseong! We’re all ESL […]

Seoul Summer

Summer in Seoul After 5 months in South Korea, my boyfriend Luke, my sister and her partner flew over from Sydney.  It was one friggin hot summer but we managed to get through it! Below is a video of our time together in Seoul- check out our sweaty faces… A video of my summer break […]