Booking Accommodation

A list of my fave booking sites. 1. The best! I would generally only book via other accommodation booking sites if the listing I’m after is not available on Once you book with them 5 times, you activate Genius status (.genius is their travel rewards programme) which unlocks a 10% discount and freebies/perks

HOW MUCH: 10 Days in Greece

HOW MUCH: 10 Days in Greece I spent 10 days in Greece in April 2016 with my dear friend Tori from South Africa. Our time was divided almost equally between Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. The amount I spent and the breakdown of my costs are provided below. TOTAL COSTS Excluding my Tokyo to Athens flight

Booking Flights

For the best flight deals, see my list below! 1. Skyscanner Skyscanner is often my first stop when looking for flights. The website is easy to navigate and the results page provides just the┬áright amount of information for me to quickly find the best deal. Compare prices over an entire month – If you’re flexible