South Korea, 2015.
Sisterino (Anne) and me

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Hello! This blog is all about travel. It’ll be filled with my personal travel photos and videos, and practical tips for those looking to travel more slowly, long-term or on a budget.

A little background… In 2014, I quit my full-time job and began my two-year break (from the ordinary life).

What I did on my break – A year was spent living and working in rural Goseong (South Korea), six months travelling mostly solo around Europe and Asia, and six months chillin’ at home in Sydney, fostering adorable RSPCA kittens, trying to exercise, and just pondering questions like, what am I “into” besides Kdramas? am I really passionate about work? is being rich that important? am I lazy…?

How I did it – I travelled slowly and spent more time in low-cost countries. Slowing down meant my money could go a lot further as I didn’t have to spend as much on transport (incl. flights). It also meant I was able to take on work that provided me with accommodation and food in exchange, such as dog-sitting or teaching ESL, saving me heaps of money! By the end of my two-year break I spent less while travelling than I would’ve spent living at home in Sydney with a 9 to 5 job.

What I got in return – Travelling slowly opened my mind in a way that no formal education, work experience, or fast travel of mine has ever done. I gained a deeper consciousness of the opportunities and personal freedom I have to do whatever I want, and a fresh outlook on life. The many quiet months I spent at home brought it all together for me. I finally had the time, free of obligations, to process my thoughts, let my experiences thus far sink in, and reclaim my headspace. I got to know myself a little better and that’s made a world of difference.

xx Julie