Best of Mui Ne for $3.50

Best of Mui Ne for $3.50 It was November and the heat in Mui Ne… unbearable, way more humid than Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)! But I’d still highly recommend a visit to Mui Ne for the following reasons… 1. Cheap accommodation  A bed from just $3 (USD) per night in a dorm room. Check

Exploring Japan

EXPLORING JAPAN Tokyo – Kyoto – Sapporo – Hiroshima PLACES TO VISIT Here is a list of some of my favourites organised by location! AROUND KYOTO Kyoto International Manga Museum (800 yen) – 3 floors, massive collection of manga, get a picture drawn by one of the anime artists on-site. Yasaka Shrine Nara – feed

What to pack

WHAT TO PACK Travelling soon? Take the stress out of packing with my downloadable Travel Packing Checklist. For my first trip overseas (and for a couple after…) I simply packed what I “needed”. I would throw in everything I thought I might use and end up with an almost full luggage weighing about 19kg and

HOW MUCH: 32 Days in Japan

HOW MUCH: 32 DAYS IN JAPAN For my second trip to Japan, I decided to stay for a full month! I spent 3 weeks with my partner covering Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, and Hiroshima. When he left for Sydney, I continued on solo, just in Tokyo, and Couchsurfed (free accommo, yay!) Japan has a reputation for

Booking Accommodation

A list of my fave booking sites. 1. The best! I would generally only book via other accommodation booking sites if the listing I’m after is not available on Once you book with them 5 times, you activate Genius status (.genius is their travel rewards programme) which unlocks a 10% discount and freebies/perks

HOW MUCH: 10 Days in Greece

HOW MUCH: 10 Days in Greece I spent 10 days in Greece in April 2016 with my dear friend Tori from South Africa. Our time was divided almost equally between Santorini, Mykonos and Athens. The amount I spent and the breakdown of my costs are provided below. TOTAL COSTS Excluding my Tokyo to Athens flight