What to pack

WHAT TO PACK Travelling soon? Take the stress out of packing with my¬†Travel Packing Checklist. For my first trip overseas (and for a couple after…) I simply packed what I “needed”. I would throw in everything I thought I might use and end up with an almost full luggage weighing about 19kg and returned with

Booking Cheap Accommodation

A list of my fave booking sites. 1. Booking.com The best! I would generally only book via other accommodation booking sites if the listing I’m after is not available on Booking.com. Once you book with them 5 times, you activate Genius status (.genius is their travel rewards programme) which unlocks a 10% discount and freebies/perks

Booking Cheap Flights

For the best flight deals, see my list below! 1. Skyscanner Skyscanner is often my first stop when looking for flights. The website is easy to navigate and the results page provides just the¬†right amount of information for me to quickly find the best deal. Compare prices over an entire month – If you’re flexible