Korean Islands


Hongdo Island

SOUTH JEOLLA PROVINCE, SOUTH KOREA 28 September 2015 The rock formations that surround Hongdo Island are absolutely breathtaking! If you’re not going to take a boat tour (22,000 won, 2 hours) to see them, I’d give Hongdo a miss. Few things about the tour: The boat tour runs twice a day but during Chuseok, there was only […]

Heuksando Island

HEUKSANDO ISLAND SOUTH JEOLLA PROVINCE, SOUTH KOREA 28 SEPTEMBER 2015 I can’t say I know Heuksando Island too well even though I stayed overnight. I arrived early in the evening, went 20 metres inland and checked myself into a motel (30,000 won). I decided against hopping on the local bus as the chances of getting myself lost after dark were extremely […]