Goseong Bus Schedule

GOSEONG BUS TERMINAL: BUS SCHEDULE Updated as at January 2016 Below is the bus schedule as displayed at Goseong Bus Terminal, with the destinations translated to English. The bus schedule for local and intercity buses is available on the official website of Goseong County in Gyeongsangnam-do but it hasn’t been updated for a while. I would only […]

Jinju Intercity Bus Schedule

JINJU INTERCITY BUS TERMINAL: SCHEDULE Updated as at January 2016 Below is the bus schedule taken directly from the Jinju Bus Terminal website with its destinations translated to English. I was thrilled when I found this schedule (and could understand most of it…) as the Jinju Bus Terminal services many areas in South Korea. It was my main transfer […]

Getting around South Korea

getting around SOUTH korea The public transport system in Korea makes it easy and convenient for you to travel anywhere! To get around within popular cities like Seoul, Busan or Daegu, you can catch the subway and/or local bus and if you need to travel intercity, the KTX (Korean Train Express) can probably get you there. If, however, […]