HOW MUCH TO BUDGET: 10 Days in Greece

In April 2016, I spent 10 days in Greece and visited Santorini, Mykonos and Athens.


Excluding my Tokyo to Athens flight and Athens to Brussels flight, I spent a total A$453.25 (approx. €300) for 10 days or an average A$45 per day.


I flew to Greece from Tokyo, Japan and left Japan for Belgium.

  • Tokyo to Athens – A$472, Etihad Airways
  • Athens to Mykonos – A$8, Ryanair
  • Santorini to Athens –  A$59, Ryanair
  • Athens to Brussels (my next stop) – A$128.68, Ryanair
  • High Speed Boat – Mykonos to Santorini – A$92.88 (€63)
  • Mykonos – Magas Hotel (incl breaky) – twin room, A$19.50 per night
    Location wasn’t the best and the water pressure in the shower was terribly weak.
  • Santorini (Perissa) – Villa Valvis – double bed, A$16.50 per night
    Great location (close to the beach), friendly staff.
  • Athens – City Circus Athens (incl Breaky) – 4-bed dorm, A$39 per night
    Great location, good service, comfortable and clean stay.

* If you have a very early flight out the next morning consider sleeping at the airport for convenience and also to save money! We felt pretty safe sleeping there but be warned, it was a pretty uncomfortable night!


Some prices to note.


  • Volcano and Hot Springs Tour €20
  • Cable Car €5
  • Local Bus (Perissa to Fira) €2.30
  • Shuttle Bus from Santorini port to accommodation (Villa Valvis) €10


  • Acropolis Museum €5
  • Temple of Zeus €6

– Julie


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